The Continuing Adventures of TopChirp!!

by info on August 23, 2009

Welcome to the TopChirp website!!  This is the home of TopChirp, LLC.  Here we will post about things that we are working on, our thoughts on entrepreneurship and the startup world and social media topics that are of general and (our) specific interest.

Topchirp originated during Kansas City StartUp Weekend 2009.  Our initial work was captured in some blogposts that you can find here and here and through videos we made that weekend here.

The application we built during StartUp Weekend was a “Digg for Twitter” application. That is, it allowed users to “like” a specific tweet that might be of interest to a broader audience.  Though we still like the idea, we’ve placed Topchirp into a sort of hiatus for the time being until we better understand what direction Twitter is going.

In the meantime, the team that was founded is alive and well.  We have been meeting regularly since April and discussing and planning various other projects in which we are all interested.  We consider ourselves lucky to have a diverse group of ten people, from all walks of life and with a variety of very strong skills, from development to business development. We fully intend to create killer applications for the Internet that (we hope) the world will find compelling and that might even generate a nice monetary return some day soon.

So check back as often as you can, we hope that you’ll find this site engaging, compelling and informative.  And we always welcome feedback, so don’t be shy to kick in your views.

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